Mackenzie at Rainbow Bridge



Mackenzie (Mac), January 5, 2015

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Rob and Lisa Rogers. Today it was necessary for them to say goodbye to their sweet dog, Mac, whom they adopted from RAGS in 2009. Recently, Mac was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his spine. We share in their sense of loss during this sad time.

Your Canine Guardian Angel

I know that you must miss me,

By the tears rolling down your face.

But believe me when I tell you that,

I’m in a very good place.


There are meadows here to run in,

And plenty of rabbits to chase.

There are other dogs to play with,

To frolick with and race.


So please don’t worry about me,

My spirit feels light as can be.

There’s no more pain to plague me,

I’m young again and free.


And I’ll be watching over you still,

of that you can be sure.

I’m your canine guardian angel,

And my love for you remains pure.

(Author Unknown)


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